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For almost 100 years, All Souls has been preparing kids for the future

Children today face opportunities and challenges that could not have been imagined by the first students to attend All Souls almost a century ago. All Souls is responding by offering one of the only two–track Chinese and Spanish dual language immersion programs in the United States, top-quality 21st Century academics and timeless character development in the Roman Catholic tradition.


It is with great humility and incredible enthusiasm that I serve All Souls, a century-old school located near Los Angeles and Pasadena, California that is at the forefront of 21st Century "global preparedness" education today. All Souls is a Catholic school with a distinct world mission where students have the opportunity to embrace their interdependence, develop their unique passions and grow in their relationship with God, all while learning three of the most widely used languages in the world.

Our students and their families are at the heart of All Souls. Come walk around our campus and you will feel the immense warmth and care that exudes from every classroom. The minute you hear the children confidently speak and sing in Mandarin or Spanish, or see a group of parents spending hours organizing a cultural festival, you will know that All Souls is a very special place. We celebrate the uniqueness of every child and their journey in this beautifully diverse, multicultural world. All Souls is a place of bridge builders and peacemakers because when children learn a new language, they are challenged to think outside the box, to empathize with others, and to collaborate. In a world that can be divided by religion, race, and language, this gives me great hope.

The All Souls team of dedicated, passionate and highly skilled teachers provides a spiritually rich environment where children experience the living God in all things—through prayer, nature, language, academics, art and friendships. I invite you to visit our academically rigorous yet intimate, nurturing school where every child is known and loved.

I am thrilled to work with each student's family, All Souls Parish, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the wider community as partners in this exciting educational endeavor.

Thank you for learning more about us.

Carrie Fuller
Phone 1 - 626 - 282 - 5695

“All Souls is a century-old school at the forefront of 21st Century "global preparedness" education today.”

Carrie Fuller Carrie Fuller