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Anne Bouvet

In Gratitude to Mrs. Anne Bouvet

Anne Bouvet served as All Souls' first principal in the school's second century. Her leadership was instrumental in establishing All Souls as one of the only two-track language immersion schools in the country, and her ceaselsss kindness remains critical in making All Souls the loving place it is today.

All Souls traces its origins to 1912, just nine years after the founding of the city of Alhambra in which the school is located. Almost immediately after it opened, All Souls became a leading school in the Los Angeles and Pasadena areas. Over the years, thousands of All Souls students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade have gone on to study at selective high schools and universities, and All Souls alumni have pursued careers ranging from medicine and politics to education, law, business, and clergy or religious.

In advance of All Souls community's 100th birthday in 2012, the school undertook a major process of considering how best to educate children in the new century, and this process culminated in All Souls closing its doors for two years and reopening in 2012 as one of the only two-track dual language (Mandarin and Spanish) immersion schools in the country. The 2012–2013 school year was so successful that All Souls' enrollment tripled in 2013–2014, and now we are in the process of growing significantly more.

From 1912 to Today


  1. 1912

    All Souls Parish opens in Alhambra, California, just outside Los Angeles, and plans begin to organize a school.

  2. 1921

    Sister M. Hermogene, principal, and Sister Regina Maria open All Souls School with 53 students in three grades in a single-story, four-room brick building.

  3. 1924

    A second story and auditorium are added to the school building.

  4. 1926

    All Souls Convent opens on the school grounds to house more sisters to staff the school.

  5. 1926

    All Souls enrollment increases to 245 students, 129 girls and 116 boys, all taught by five sisters.


  1. 1931

    All Souls enrollment increases to 432 students, all taught by seven sisters.

  2. 1948

    The Archdiocesan Building Comission approves the addition of four classrooms near the convent to help overcome the popular school's increased crowding and lengthy waiting list.

  3. 1948

    An additional six classrooms are approved, plus a cafeteria, social hall and library.


  1. 1950

    Archbishop J. Francis A. McIntyre dedicates the new school building.

  2. 1950

    Enrollment reaches 607 students, now taught by 11 sisters.

  3. 1961

    All Souls Parish purchases an adjoining property to seed with grass and use as a sports field for the school.


  1. 1974

    Decline in religious vocations results in an inability to fully staff All Souls with sisters.

  2. 1979

    Sister Barbara Nixon leaves her role as principal and welcomes to that post Ms. Janice Kalwei, the first lay principal in the history of All Souls.

  3. 1983

    Continued decline in vocations leaves only eight sisters still living at All Souls Convent, with only two serving as faculty for the school. It is decided that sisters no longer will continue to staff All Souls.

  4. 1984

    With sisters no longer in residence at All Souls, All Souls Convent starts to be used as a new parish center.

  5. 1985

    Lay faculty and staff take over all staff positions at the school.



  1. 2010

    A decision is made to establish All Souls as a dual language immersion school, in which students learn in English for half of the day and in another language for the other half of the day.

  2. 2012

    All Souls reopens as Chinese and Spanish dual language immersion school with 20 students in grades Kindergarten through 2nd—the only Catholic school in the nation offering two dual language immersion programs. Welcoming the children are Principal Anne Bouvet, Spanish-track teacher Vivian Vasquez, and Mandarin-track teacher Mandy Chou.

  3. 2013

    Principal Anne Bouvet recruits Carrie Fuller to take over the post of principal. Fuller is a Ph.D.-level expert in dual language immersion at Boston College who speaks Spanish as well as English.

  4. 2013

    All Souls' dual language immersion program proves successful and popular, enrollment triples to 60 students and faculty size doubles.