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For nearly a century, All Souls has been preparing successive generations of children for the future.

Our vision is for every All Souls graduate to become a successful and contributing member of society by unlocking the unique gifts that God gives them.

Our Modern Global Catholic Mission

Of course, children today face a very different future than that faced by the first children to attend All Souls about 100 years ago, and that is why All Souls has adopted a modern global focus that puts our school at the forefront of education today.

Children today are fortunate to face opportunities that students in 1912 scarcely could have imagined: from the Internet, smart phones, electric cars, and high-speed travel to job opportunities in fields ranging from electronic media to computer science and biotech.

Children today also face challenges that are unique, including: a dramatic increase in skill required to obtain jobs; competition for school admissions from millions more qualified applicants; and job competition from billions more people worldwide.

Goals and Strategies

To fulfill our mission of preparing children for the 21st Century, All Souls seeks to ensure that every graduate of All Souls obtains:

  • Fluency and literacy in at least two major languages;
  • Mastery of core mathematics and language skills at the same levels obtained in the best schools worldwide;
  • Strong moral character based in Roman Catholic tradition; and
  • Social and emotional well-being

All Souls meets these goals by, among other things:

  • Recruiting and retaining the best personnel possible;
  • Adopting curricula and policies based on outcomes research;
  • Regularly assessing both individual student and school-wide results; and
  • Sharing our experiences with other educators in order to continually learn and improve

“The way Catholic schools operated in the past is no longer viable today.”

Kevin Baxter Kevin Baxter, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Elementary Schools,
Archdiocese of Los Angeles